Enjoy your life journey with style.

Lifepay experience starts from digital payments services in everyday life to financial fulfilments in your life journey.


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Visa Card

Create your own Visa Card with the luxe design and use the card wherever Visa cards are accepted. Manage your everyday Visa Card digital wallet accounts and make real-time transactions.

Multiple Payment Methods

Lifepay provides users a variety of payment methods such as QR code payments, Bpay, traditional payment methods (bank account & mobile number) and third-party payment platform including Alipay and Wechat Pay.

Instant Payments

Instant payments are driving a transformational shift in the payments landscape, pay your Lifepay contacts for immediate and secure payments. Pay your Lifepay users instantly at the speed of light!

International Payments

Going Overseas or running international relationships? Lifepay provides cross-border remittance services that allow you to pay your bills with no hidden fees.

New Way of Socializing

Have you ever paid a regretful fine and wanted to share with your friends and discuss how you could have avoided it? Lifepay’s socializing feature makes sharing so easy. On Lifepay, you are able to chat, share and make instant transfers with your friends. Because we all know, life is better with friends.

Sometimes traditional banking can be inconvenient and troublesome for everyday life. Lifepay provides the solution to your new digital lifestyle and allows you to enjoy multiple digital wallet services and experience an innovative digital wallet.

Edison Zheng