Visa Card

Get more from your Visa with your phone using Lifepay designed for you.

Get more from your Visa by gaining a digital hub to use, manage and stay up to date on your cards.

Get more from your Visa and your life with the flexibility to manage your Visa anytime, anywhere via Lifepay.

  • Both virtual and physical Visa Card with one digital wallet account
  • 0 monthly fee
  • 0 international card payment fees

Digital Wallet Account

Have your own Visa Account within Lifepay and make money transfers and contact less payment!

Lifepay’s virtual Visa Card allows you to make transactions, check balance, make deposits and online digital wallet services safe and easily.

Multi-currency Service

In the future, you will be able to exchange, transfer and receive multiple currencies in Lifepay with no hidden fees and enjoy the best exchange rate.

Stay tuned for our Multi-currency service that features multi-currency exchange and transactions in multi-currencies with Lifepay. Have the best exchange rate with no hidden fees.